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The Restaurant

Full Length Movie Download!
Mommy Alana is angry at her little adult baby Sunny because Sunny wet her training pants during the night. She is especially annoyed today because she wants to go to her favourite cafe and she doesn't want to be changing diapers and carrying a diaper bag and clean diapers with her. How embarrasing to have an adult baby Sunny's age who is not toilet trained yet. What an unpleasant surprise when she discovers the waitress is wearing diapers and is not toilet trained either! Sunny tells her mommy she really likes the waitress and could she be her sister. Alana reluctantly agress Kari can live with them and takes it upon herself to be a mommy to both girls. However not long after Kari moves in the two adult babies convince Alana she should regress too and join them like three sisters together.

Forced Into Diapers VII:
"Drunk and Diapered"

Full Length Movie Download!
Eighteen year old Skye has come home totally drunk. She fumbles with the front door lock, stumbles to her bedroom and crashes on her bed. Her mother checks on her in the morning and is shocked to see Skye pissed her panties when she was out and is still lying in them while she is sleeping it off. Amina then teaches her lesson she will never forget. She grabs her camera and takes photos of Skye in her saturated panties and threatens to put them on MySpace unless she does as she is told. Stunned Skye learns that she must wear diapers and be a baby because behaved just like an untrained toddler. Skye thinks it is a huge joke at first but she soon has the smile wiped from her face when she realises her mom is seriously for real, especially when she gets some good spankings for answering back. Her mean mother forcibly removes her panties and diapers her then dresses her in baby clothes and treats her just like the baby she used to be many years ago. Skye is humiliated embarrased but helpless to resist. After all, if her friends saw the photos on MySpace they would disown her and she would be all alone.

Forced Into Diapers VI:
"Big Sister Bully"

Full Length Movie Download!
Two sisters have been left at home while their parents are travelling. Felicity's has trashed her room and Kari, who has been left in charge, yells at her to clean it up. She tells Felicity she needs to GROW UP. Felicity ignores her much bigger and older sister and behaves very immaturely and irresponsibly. Kari comes back into Felicity's room with diapers and baby clothes and informs Felicity that she had her chance to act her age and now she is going to make her LOOK the way she ACTS and be totally babied! Felicity can't believe what she is hearing and is horrified. She has never been so humiliated in all her life but cannot stop her bigger and stronger sister.

Forced Into Diapers V:
"Revenge of the Office girls"

Full Length Movie Download!
Kari and Jenny are diaper loves who change into diapers in the staff toilets when they arrive at work each morning. They also have two wimpy bosses to deal with every day. Both men act like little sissy babies and mommy's boys all the time. Today is the last straw when their superviser Andie walks in sobbing because he missed out on a promotion that everyone knew he was too sooky to get. The girls excuse themselves and rush down to the company creche and bring back diapers, baby clothes, pacifiers, baby bottles, toys and a playpen with a plan to totally humiliate their useless supervisor. When the big boss sees what they have done to Andie he laughs at him and pokes fun at him too, telling him he is a worthless baby - at least until the girls remind him he only got his job because his influential mommy pulled some strings, wrote his resume and even spoke for him at his job interview. When he protests the girls pin him down and diaper and baby him in front of Adrian then force breast feed them both before leaving both sissy babies in a playpen in their office overnight.

Forced Into Diapers IV
"The Russian Bride"

Full Length Movie Download! Wimpy henpecked husband arrives home from another day selling baby toys and supplies. Once again he has sold nothing. His Russian mail order bride who expected to lead a life of leisure and luxury berates and abuses him in front of two girlfriends. Her snooty girlfriends join in. All three women tease and make fun of him for being useless as a husband and provider. They abuse him and yell he is no more an adult than the babies his bag of samples are intended for. Wimpy hubby is sooo humiliated. They push him on the floor and take off all his clothes ready to wipe, powder and diaper him. When he his naked they play quoits with his exposed cock. The girls can't stop laughing. Wimpy husband is so distraught and starts to cry. He tells his wife that his mommy never treated him like she is doing right now. The three high maintenance women lock him in the spare room. Diapered hubby calls out from the room he has peed into his diaper. They pull it off him and take turns in spanking is exposed, bare bum. Pushed onto the floor, stripped of his diaper, his privates fully exposed to his wife and the two strangers, wimpy hubby is wiped, powdered and a new diaper put on him. Hubby complains it is getting late and his dinner is not ready. BIG MISTAKE. He is dragged into an adult size high chair, a bib tied around his neck and forcibly spoon fed baby food. They agree they should all take turns breast feeding him. The women plan on further babying poor sissy hubby by erecting a playpen. Pushed into the playpen the girls push a pacifier into his mouth and order him to stay put. Being Saturday night the women want to hit the night clubs and pick up some REAL men. They dress him in a footed sleeper and leave hubby totally devasted, embarrased, humiliated and all alone when they walk out the door together.

Forced Into Diapers III

Full Length Movie Download!

Part 1. Peter and Brooke: Brooke snuggles up to Peter fondling him. Brooke runs her hand over Peter's pyjama pants and is horrified to discover he he pissed himself in the bed overnight. She is disgusted and makes him strip the bed and hand wash the sheets. She tells him he is just like a baby. She makes him stand in the corner, still in his wet pyjamas and spanks him then she hatches a plan to totally baby him. Brooke leaves for the supermarket and we see her coming out with a shopping cart and loading up the car trunk with baby goodies including diapers. Back at home Peter is still in the corner. She forcibly diapers then breast feeds him. Peter is totally humiliated when she ties a bib around his neck, sits him in a high chair and spoon feeds him some formula. Peter gets very messy so she has to wash him all over in the bath. He is so embarrased. Finally Brooke decides it is time for his afternoon nap and she forces Peter into the nursery and into a crib. Soon he is all curled up and sucking his thumb falls asleep wondering what the future will bring.

Part 2. Sunny, Brooke & Mommy Wendy: Mommy Wendy is visiting her neighbours one evening and has left big sister Brooke in charge of little girl Sunny. Before she leaves she removes Sunny's dry training pants and puts her in a diaper and footed sleeper for the night. Sunny complains she doesn't need a diaper at night now but Wendy insists. Wendy tells Brooke she is to change into her own pyjamas later and for both girls to go to bed. After Wendy has left Brooke feels sorry for Sunny and she takes off Sunny's diaper and replaces them with some panties of her own. Sunny wakes in the morning and to her horror finds she has thoroughly wet her panties. She cries and cries and Wendy comes in to investigate. Wendy is so annoyed that both girls took off Sunny's diaper the night before that she tells them they BOTH have to go to school wearing disposables beneath their short school dresses. Furthermore they can only have a baby bottle full of milk for breakfast. The very apprehensive girls leave for school knowing the will have an awful day being teased by their friends. They BOTH wet their disposables early in the day when they were so distraught by the treatment they got at school. Wendy changes their diapers and puts them both in new fluffy terry diapers and plastic pants. Sunny especially protests and gets a spanking for her trouble. She also pulls out their old baby clothes and forces her girls into them. Then she makes them suck on pacifiers. The girls ask for their afternoon snack but Wendy says no, babies have to be breast fed. "Now I have my two babies back" she says as both girls lay across her lap together and suckle on her nipples.

Forced Into Diapers II:
"Aunty's Prisoner" & "Felicity, Rose and Mommy Wendy"

Two movies for the price of one! 21 year old Sarah is in town to stay with her aunt Amina for a couple of days. We pick up on the story as she walks from the bus stop with her overnight bag to her aunty's house. Amina greets her at the door and welcomes her niece. Amina plans on Sarah staying for a lot longer than two days because she has schemed, to the finest detail, on making Sarah the baby girl she has always wanted. She shows a horrified Sarah the fully fitted out nursery where she will be forced to stay for the years to come. She locks the bathroom door so that Sarah cannot go to the toilet and explains she will have to wear diapers. Sarah is mortified as her aunty pins a diaper on her, undresses her and puts her in some of the many baby clothes she has. Sarah is locked in the nursery. She asks Amina for a drink and her aunty obliges by breast feeding her. Then Sarah finds she has wet her diaper. Aunty Amina has been looking forward to this moment for years so she relishes changing Sarah'a diaper. She then lifts Sarah into the high chair and feeds her Sarah baby food for dinner. Amina mixes formula for a bottle and puts a very scared Sarah to early to bed. As Sarah slowly drops off to sleep we see she starts to suck her thumb in her sleep. The regression process has commenced...

Forced Into Diapers I

Full Length Movie Download!

Sunny and Mommy Wendy Scenes: Scene 01- Adult schoolgirl Sunny comes home with wet panties. Mommy Wendy scolds, spanks and diapers a protesting and struggling Sunny. * Scene 02 - Adult toddler Sunny wakes in bed having wet her panties. Mommy Wendy puts her on the potty then back on top of the bed. She forcibly diapers her then puts on a maternity bra to breast feed Sunny. Then Wendy takes some photos to embarrass Sunny later. * Scene 03 - Adult toddler Sunny has wet her panties so she walks into mommy Wendy's bedroom to wake her mommy and tell her the distressing news. Wendy scolds and diapers her. Sunny wants breakfast but Wendy says babies have to be breast fed which is what she does.
Peter, Kaylee and Wendy Scene: Scene 01 - Kaylee and Wendy are two diaper lovers who want to have diaper fun together but rude Peter won't leave his beer and the TV and move out of the room. So the girls undress and diaper each other in front of Peter who laughs and teases them. They whisper together and decide Peter needs to be taught a lesson so they drag him onto the floor, strip off his clothes and force a diaper with plastic pants onto the struggling Peter. Peter still seems too attached to his beer so they complete babying him by taking away the beer bottle and forcing him to be breast fed by both of the girls in turn.
Rose and Mommy Kate Scenes: Scene 01 - Mommy Kate has had enough of adult toddler Rose wetting her panties so she spanks Rose. Rose struggles and protests as Kate manages to get a disposable diaper onto her. Then it's corner time for Rose. * Scene 02 - Adult schoolgirl Rose has wet panties - again - so mommy Kate forces Rose into a cloth diaper and plastic pants and then a pink bunnysuit just like a baby and put to bed.
Sarah and Mommy Maria Scenes Scene 01 - Adult schoolgirl Sarah arrives home sheepishly with saturated panties. Mommy Maria scolds and spanks her. She puts Sarah on her old potty then works against a struggling Sarah to diaper her and dress her in her old baby clothes. The final touch is to push a pacifier into Sarah's mouth. * Scene 02 - Mommy Maria sees adult toddler Sarah in her bedroom with wet panties. She forcibly diapers Sarah in a cloth diaper then puts a bib on her and feeds her a baby bottle.

Aunty's Prisoner II:
The Nightmare Continues

Full Length Movie Download! Twenty six year old Sarah plannned on staying with her aunty for a few days but her aunt had other plans. She introduced Sarah to her new permanent room - a fully equipped baby nursery. After a day of being forcibly diapered and treated like a real baby Sarah fell asleep emotionally drained in an adult sized crib.

We pick up the story in this sequel Aunty's Prisoner II - "The Nightmare Continues" when she wakes next morning thinking she has had a nightmare but slowly becomes aware of her surroundings. She screams for her aunty who attempts to explain rationally but all the while aunty is playing mind games with Sarah. Sarah loses track of what is real and what is fantasy... Was she ever an adult?


Punished By Mommy

When you were younger, life was simple. Mommy fed, bathed and nurtured you. But as you got older she also punished you. She put you over her knee and spanked you. She called you a bad boy. She made you sit in the corner. Well, now you're all grown up. But admit it, you're still a bad boy! You need to be punished. These horny MILFs are ready to put you in your place. You want to act up? They'll punish your ass. They'll spank and powder your ass. Oh, and they also have an 9-inch strap-on friend to make sure you learn your lessons! You'll be crying in no time!
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Punished By Mommy 2

Peyton Leigh came home one afternoon from a hard day at the office and discovered that instead of paying the rent, her guy Christian spent the money on toy action figures. Before you could say goo-goo, kiss-kiss, Peyton had him in diapers, sucking a baby bottle and begging for mercy. Peyton's ingenious plan of attack inspired many of her friends, like Melissa Monet, to turn the tables on their freeloading boyfriends and deal with them in a similar fashion. Consequently, the action figure market bottomed out. And so did many a virile man that fateful day.
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Best Of Diaper Girls

A great collection of 8 infamous Diaper Girls. Ashlyn starts off wearing just her diapers with plastic panties sucking on her bottle. She takes them off and plays with her shaved pussy spreading it wide open. Next is Paige wearing a cute little white top with yellow plastic panties. She shows you her nice full natural breasts then takes off her panties showing you her cloth diaper. Then that comes off and she plays with her hairy pussy sticking her big pacifier way up her twat. Next up is super model Billie wearing just her disposables. What a great set of tits with her hair in pigtails. Off come her diapers as she spreads her hairy pussy. Next is Hollie just wearing clear plastic panties with a big diaper on. She looks so cute in her pigtails. Off comes the plastic panties as she sucks on her pacifier. Jillian is next wearing a cute outfit with a cloth diaper. She takes off her diaper then puts back on her PJ’s. Next is Veronica wearing a cute pink top and cloth diapers. She then takes everything off putting her plastic panties back on. Next up is little 18 year old Mica showing off her big big natural breasts. She takes everything off except her Piggy slippers showing you her nice little hairy pussy. She then pees on the floor. Last up is Taylor wearing clear plastic panties and a disposable diaper. She has a fun time with her toys.
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The Best Of Diaper Girls 2

A great collection of our famous Diaper Girls. Not only are these girls still in diapers they still have bottles and pacifiers! What happens when the diapers come off though? I guess you will just have to watch and see!
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The Neighbor

Baby Charlie is in her room playing with toys wearing her favorite shirt with her Attends diapers on. She loves wearing her disposable diapers and playing with her squishy toys. She shows you her beautiful breasts then opens up her diaper and sticks her pacifier in her wet pussy. Her Dad tell her that mommy and him are going out and that Mr. Towers the next door neighbor will be down stairs babysitting. Charlie gets all excited as Mr. Towers always has something sweet for her to eat or suck on. After a while she pees in her diaper and calls downstairs for Mr. Towers to come up and change her wet diaper. Mr. Towers comes up to her room and changes her and Charlie ask him to lick her pussy, which he gladly does. He gets a big erection and she plays with it through his pants asking what does he have inside? Something sweet that you can suck on he says. She pulls his hard cock out and licks and sucks on it like a big lollipop. Wow this is fun she says. Then he fingers her wet pussy, sprinkles powder on her and puts on a pair of cloth diapers. Charlie then sits on him and as he sucks on her breasts he tries to get his hard cock into her diapers. This is not working he says so he takes off her cloth diapers and she sits back on him taking his cock deep inside of her wet pussy. Charlie gets her pussy fucked nice and hard then Mr. Towers pulls out and cums all over her diaper. He cleans her up, putting powder on her pussy then on her fanny and puts the sticky diapers back on her then leaves the room. Charlie lies down to go to sleep with a big smile on her face and a warm wet pussy as Mr. Towers turns the lights off.
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Sex In Diapers

Baby Shannon is upstairs in her playroom wearing her hair up in cute ponytails wearing a cute stripped tee shirt and cloth diapers. Her neighbor Dickey is her babysitter for tonight. She sucks on her pacifier and rubs her breasts talking about how she likes to suck cock. She puts her hand in her diaper and feels her warm wet pussy and wishes you were there to taste her. She goes to her toy box and empties it by throwing all her toys all around her until she finds her moms anal vibrator. She grabs a ping-pong ball paddle, undoes her diaper and spanks her ass making it nice and red. Next she pulls her diaper down spreading her pink wet pussy wide open for you. Pulling her diaper back on she realizes that she has to pee, and then Dickey will have to come up and change her diaper and clean up her mess....
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Diaper Girls Gone WILD

Like your women wearing diapers? Well if you do then these girls and this film is the answer to your fantasies! Enjoy some girls going wild while wearing diapers! Enjoy!
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Mica: Diaper Girl Shows PINK

For all of you diaper fans this is one flick you don't want to miss! Mica takes off her diaper showing her pink pussy. She then sticks her pacifier in her pussy until she's cumming over and over again.
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The Age Play And Diaper Fetish Handbook
By Penny Barber

Penny Barber has put her years of experience as a diaper fetish model, AB/DL switch, and professional Mommy into The Age Play and Diaper Fetish Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to the World of AB/DL. It is the first complete resource for anyone who wants to know about the world of age players and diaper lovers. Perfect for professional players, the partners of AB/DLs, and AB/DLs themselves, The Handbook is packed with practical tips on everything from choosing the perfect diaper to administering AB/DL punishments to the best regression methods.

Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas
By Paul Rulof

Do you want to be a sassy schoolchild or a baby again? For an hour or maybe longer? Ageplay, or role-playing focused on being a different age, is one way to have fun and express yourself. Whether emotionally satisfying, sexually satisfying, or both, this type of role-playing is fun and evocative. This book will guide you through the different aspects of ageplay. Sections include describing and choosing roles, setting up scenes and interactions, and finding other people to connect and play with. Included are quotes from ageplayers, describing their interactions and feelings, as well as a list of scene possibilities.

There's a Baby in My Bed!:
Learning to live happily with the Adult Baby in your relationship. By Rosalie Bent

Is your partner an Adult Baby? Do you find diapers hidden in odd places and don’t know why? Does your spouse want to play with children’s toys or dress in baby clothes? These and other such questions are all answered in Rosalie Bent’s breakthrough book: There’s a baby in my bed! Seeking to help partners understand the confusing and often incomprehensible behaviour of a regressive adult, Ms Bent takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the inner workings and outer expressions of the 21st century’s most unusual and secretive inhabitant: the Adult Baby. Each chapter unfolds a new aspect on infantile regression. Offering more than facts and figures, this book lays out a pathway for developing the most unique relationship that any couple can have – the ‘Parent/Child Relationship’. Come on the journey with Ms Bent and discover for yourself how to handle the baby in your bed!

Age Play (Power Exchange Books)
By Robert Rubel

Age play is a form of role play enjoyed by many adults worldwide. Age play never involves biological children and is a role play for consenting adults only. As you will read in this issue, there is no “one way” to live out the role one chooses. We have collected a gallery of age players from across the country who cover a wide scope of different orientations and personalities. Each of the authors showcased in this edition will share their story and style with you. It is our desire that those looking for a place to begin their age play journey will find a path of direction that will help them move forward. For those who have started your path, may you gather fresh ideas and outlooks to add to and enhance your age play. Join us as we share our heartfelt joys, heartbreaking sorrows, moments of personal enlightenment, and just plain fun moments through the articles that follow.

The Toybag Guide to Age Play
By Lee Harrington

The adult baby, the sassy schoolgirl, the bratty teen all hold an honored place in the erotic roleplaying in the imagination of many adults. How can we play with these roles safely and consensually? This book explains the boundaries, possibilities and techniques of consensual adult ageplay. Chapters include: What Is Age Play? Why Do Age Play? Archetypes for Age Play, Ages of Kids, Roles of Adultz, Negotiation and Evolution, Discipline and Punishment, Land Mines, Resource List and more...

Recollections of an Adult Baby
By Colin Milton

This book catalogues just some of the experiences of a real life adult baby. From his earliest experiences through to the present time, this is a truly amazing insight into the world of adult babies and the women who keep them in a permanant state of infancy. You will not find a more honest and open account of what it is really like to be an adult baby. Being babied should be available on the National Health Service! Open your mind to the possibilities!

The Babies
By Polly Borland

As perversions go, infantilism is little known, and even less understood. Imagine fully grown men wanting to revive their earliest days--dressed in diapers, dipped in baths, and "fed" from breasts--as a means to sexual stimulation or familial comfort. Now imagine trying to document this and you have an idea of the Herculean effort Borland went through to grapple with and understand people with this type of fetish. Portrait-photographerBy-trade Polly Borland compassionately explores this surreal world, artfully framing the inner lives of adult babies alongside their outer manifestations. Many of these men, who function in society as truck drivers, accountants, and teachers, suffered as children and were left obsessed with the warmth and care experienced by other infants and toddlers. So they dress up in adult-sized baby clothes, powder their own bottoms, what babies do, all in an attempt to recreate that lost attachment. And sometimes to get aroused. Accompanying these Arbus-like photographs are interviews with the babies themselves.

A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet Reference
By Icon Health Publications

The science behind the fetish! This is a 3-in-1 reference book. It gives a complete medical dictionary covering hundreds of terms and expressions relating to infantilism. It also gives extensive lists of bibliographic citations. Finally, it provides information to users on how to update their knowledge using various Internet resources. The book is designed for physicians, medical students preparing for Board examinations, medical researchers, and patients who want to become familiar with research dedicated to infantilism. If your time is valuable, this book is for you. First, you will not waste time searching the Internet while missing a lot of relevant information. Second, the book also saves you time indexing and defining entries. Finally, you will not waste time and money printing hundreds of web pages.

Bingo Under the Crucifix:
By Laurie Foos

When doll maker Chloe Tafts Spiderman-obsessed brother Irv literally turns into a baby (though his head is still adult-size), she must find a way of getting him back to normal. The family is already peculiar enough: Nathan, Chloes husband, is a party planner who jots down bits of dialogue on index cards to give to those at a loss for words; her uncanny father, The Big E, is a 65-year-old retired power lifter. Woven into this wackiness are media reports about Long Island homecoming queen Darlene Mulholland, who, after a secret pregnancy, delivered a baby in the high school locker room, then rushed out to accept her crown. Insisting that the infant has been abducted, Darlenes mother commissions Chloe to design a replacement. Meanwhile, Irvs wife, Ruth, also pregnant, has left him, but compassionate Chloe, between feeding her brother and changing his diaper, reunites the pair and arranges for a priest to exorcise Irvs demons and bring him back to normal. When that attempt fails, a birthday party fit for a superhero finally does the trick in a rousing conclusion.

Leakmaster Pull On Style Adult Plastic Pants
These whisper quiet adult pull on style waterproof pants have been designed with all the important features you need to feel safe and secure. The elastic leg and waistbands are amazingly comfortable yet snug fitting to provide protection against embarrassing accidents. Constructed of a special polymer blend of PVC plastics, welded side seams make them soft yet surprisingly strong and durable. Our unique manufacturing techniques make LeakMaster pants reliable protection that you can depend upon. In White Sky Blue, Soft Pink, Lemon Yellow or Milky White.
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Adult Sized Onesie
Our Adult Onesie Style torso length T-shirts make sure everything stays just where it's supposed to. You never have to worry about bending over because your T-shirt always stays tucked in. Patterned after infant style "Onesies", these T-shirts wrap through, and snap at the front of the crotch with forward facing snap closures for easy opening when dressing. By helping keep wet or soiled diapers close to the body they can reduce or eliminate drooping and sagging until there's an opportunity to change. Stop worrying about embarrassing exposure. Available in Pink, Blue or White. Made of 100% cotton, these are made to be comfortable and roomy. Colors can look somewhat different on your screen due to differences in computer settings. Color shades may also vary somewhat from one production run to another. Available in pink or blue.
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The LeakMaster Deluxe adult pullon plastic pant has several unique design features. They are made with a specially formulated, thick and durable 7 mil. vinyl nearly twice as thick as our regular pants. The material is also remarkably soft and pliable yet durable for quiet, comfortable long lasting use. With welded seams and reinforced leg and waists bands, this new thick milky white material can withstand punishment most other pants can't. The LeakMaster Deluxe Adult Plastic Pants have also been designed with fully enclosed leg and waistbands so elastic never comes in contact with your sensitive skin. Our thicker, wider, leg and waistbands also make for a more snug, secure and comfortable fit. (The elastic we use is non-Latex). LeakMaster Deluxe adult plastic pants are full cut with extra room in the crotch and hip to accommodate double diapering. Finally the pants are two to three inches higher in the back to ensure a no leak fit.
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Snap On Style Adult Plastic Pants
These waterproof pants are a snap to take on and off. Convenient snaps sides allow you to change without removing your shoes or slacks. They're constructed of strong light weight material with a durability greater than other plastics twice as thick. Soft, quiet and comfortable LeakMaster pants provide reliably secure protection.
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Soft Flannel Pull On Style Adult Diapers
Pull on and off just like underwear! No Pins! No Snaps! No Velcro! This 100% cotton Pull-On Diaper has two full layers of absorbent flannelette through the body. The inner liner has three layers of flannel with a three inch soaker down the center of the liner, which is easily pulled out to speed drying time. Must be worn together with plastic pants.
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Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear
For moderate to heavy wetting. Comfortable and breathable, like regular underwear. Super-absorbent polymers ensure containment. Tear-away side seams allow easy removal. Latex-free.
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Depend Refastenable Protective Pant
Case of Four-16 Count (64 Pants)

Depend Refastenable Underwear can be worn two ways: They can be pulled on like regular underwear straight out of the package; or they feature perforations at the hip seams which may be opened so that the garment may be put on more like a conventional fit.
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