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Female supremacy at its finest

Ponygirls, Ponyboys, Human-Animals, Equus Eroticus

O.W.K- Dominant Women with Ponyboys and Human Animals


Pony and Human-Animal play DOES NOT involve real animals.
It is about people who enjoy pretending to be or behaving like animals.


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Pony Girl 4: In Training
By Calstar

I love to see a beautiful woman, sleek and graceful. As she jumps the hurdles placed before her, never missing a step, always in rhythm…perfection! This is sheer beauty in its finest form. And this is the only thing I will accept. My trainer knows what I accept. My trainer knows what I expect from my girls and when I leave Ariel Cole to be trained no matter what it takes, the proper training will be achieved. This trainer is relentless, whether it is teaching Ariel to stand quietly, wearing nothing but her leather harness or tied to the lunge line, jumping the hurdles, breasts bouncing from her strides, gagged in a full face mask or wearing a bit, she will perform at her finest or be made to do it again and again. Starring: Galatea and Ariel Cole
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Ivy Manor 6: Pony Girls in Training
By Gwen Media

Mistress Isabella needs a break, so she phones her friend, Mistress Jean, to see if she can arrange a stay at her pony girl ranch. When the two mistresses get together, their competitive edge takes over. Plenty of hot latex action, unique pony girl outfits and a gorgeous outdoor setting make for an interesting plotline in this sixth edition of the Ivy Manor series. Also starring; Mistress Jean and Anastasia Pierce.
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Best of Ponyboys
By Roman Video

Hot, erotic, wild Ponyboy domination by women riding men fully nude and having Wild Explosive Orgasms while riding! You won't find anything like this anywhere else! Gorgeous Mistresses riding slaves, making them bounce up and down, slide them across their backs and take them around the room until the explode with an orgasm! Special 2 girl riding scene! Starring Calli Cox, Victoria Zdrok, Goldie, Tori Sinclair and Michele Raven. Our best selling Ponyboy video of all time.
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Petgirls 5: Her Life As A Pet

Watch the vet brings out the beast in 4 greedy bitches so desperate for cash that they submit themselves to the most degrading humiliation - stripped naked and collared and leashed like dum dogs. They are made to purrform dignity-stripping acts, trained like mindless circus animals and punished hard if they fail to obey.
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Pony Training
By SM Studio Berlin

Mistress Silvias pony-mare and her pony-stallion are getting sweat dripping training! Anal training, nipple punishment and much more!
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Pony Girls 1
By Marquis

The everyday lives of German fetish ponygirls.
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Ponyboys 2
By The Other World Kingdom

Continuation of the video Ponyboys 1, starring Madam Loreen and Madam Christine de Lamour with their human horses. This film is geared towards intensive lunging of the two-legged horse, as well as dressage and usage of saddled four-legged human horses. Original riding saddles are seen in this film, "made in OWK". The seasoned Riding Mistress Madam Christine proposed their design. The film climaxes with a four-legged human horse races between two Horsewomen. The defeated horse receives a "reward" from his Lady Rider…a sound whipping from her riding crop. Madam Christine de Lamour is Principal Riding Mistress of human horses in the OWK, and Madam Loreen is a Pony Trainer in the OWK. Every graduate of the retraining course for pony boys in the Other World Kingdom gets to know these Ladies and their whips up close and personal. And don't forget - everything that you see in this film, you can experience personally here in the OWK ! The OWK is the true Empire of Dominant women!
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Training of a Riding Horse 2
By The Other World Kingdom

The demanding training of a human riding horse continues. Madame Nicole isn't entirely satisfied with him and decides to increase his performance with a hard beating from the riding whip, cane and also by a proper trampling in riding boots. Her Girlfriend - Madame Loreen - joins in the training with Her own ponyboy. Both creatures are subjected to long drilling, lunging and riding, all as the Ladies crack them soundly with canes.
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New Saddle-Horse
By The Other World Kingdom

The training of a new saddle horse by Madame Veronika & Madame Nicole!
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Ponygirls At Work
By Magic Pony Productions

Watch as Master ponygirl Trainer Buck takes his time grooming and tacking-up ponygirl Spellbound for a ride through the woods of Southern Maryland. Riding her shoulder-style, the viewer will be amazed at the beautiful yet strong Spellbound as she carries her rider without misstep through the bridle path in the woods. Spellbound is also a very naughty ponygirl as she mischievously discovers a way to dislodge her unsuspecting rider from his seat on her shoulders. Buck understands his ponygirl has spirit and mettle but he still must punish her for her bad behavior by using his crop. Next we see the voluptuous Miss Varian preparing her ponygirl, Lady, for a ride as a four-legged style pony. After carefully fitting the western saddle and bridle, Miss Varian rides off across the paddock in West Virginia. The tall and handsome Sir Maverick trains his ponygirl in the discipline of long lines. He ground drives the blindfolded and completely dependent ponygirl Coffebean through several patterns. He then tacks her up with an authentic pink racing saddle. After riding her he rewards her efforts by hand feeding her carrots and allowing her to quench her thirst by drinking from a bowl like a pet. Gadget the Purple Pony is a beautiful submissive who is transformed into a cart ponygirl by her Owner/Master, Mick Luvbight. Gadget and Lady are then skillfully driven by him through the countryside.
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Pony Girl Submission 2
By Magic Pony Productions

Experience the submisson of Ingrid as she continues her Pony Girl Training!
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Pony Girl Submission 3
By Magic Pony Productions

Experience the submission of Ingrid as she completes her pony girl training! Also Starring: Michael
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Human Ponyplay In the USA 2
By Magic Pony Productions

Men and Women are put through their paces as cart, show and riding human ponies!
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Petting Girls
By Penny Birch

Amber Oakley is suspicious when dominant couple Morris and Melody Rathwell invite her to judge their fetish club's puppy-girl show; but what could go wrong? It's not as if they're asking her to compete. She goes, little suspecting that the event will lead her into the clutches of a fanatic for treating girls as pets, to strip-wrestling in baked beans, and an encounter with an over endowed puppy-boy!

College Girls
By Cat Scarlett

Beth is an impoverished student at St Nectan's College, Oxford. When Dr Milton recruits her to an exclusive club for submissives and pony-girls, Beth's independent spirit soon gets her into trouble. Charlotte wants her last year to be a memorable one. Lizzie wants Dr Milton all to herself. Beth just wants to pay the rent. Pony races, perverted parties, and Victorian pornography combine to give these college girls a thoroughly indecent education.

Perspectives into the Erotic Care & Training of the Human Dog
By Michael Daniels

Informing and enlightening readers about the realm of human pups and their Handlers. Michael Daniels' book offers a wonderful, first-hand look at the hows and whys of human pups as well as guidance for their care and training. Topics covered are: Ethics, Why Human Dog Training, Roles, Definitions & Practical Considerations, Human Dog Behaviors, Gear, Care, Training, Commands, Scenes, References and Resources.

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